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Animal Lover and Book Lover?

Arraborough is a 9-book anthropomorphic-fantasy book series by Eddie Drueding. It chronicles the epic struggle for faunal dominion of a strange animal planet.

Book One, “The Unimaginable Road,” Book Two, “The Darkness,” and Book Three, "Moth and Rust," are available for only $6 each as an e-book, as well as hard copy formats.

Copies of each book are now available in the Ottawa Public Library.

Want to see Book 4? Send me an email letting me know you enjoy the series.

"The Secret History of Arraborough": A free online pdf file is now available featuring over 50 pages of the original comic book inspiration for Arraborough, drawn by the author in his adolescence. It's a 70 mg file so can take up to 5 minutes to load into your browser. anotherworldhomepage/secrethistory.pdf

Explore The Mystery

The Unimaginable Road

An idealistic young snake establishes a refuge for the desolate and the outcast, but finds there is no escape from the darkness within or without.

The Darkness

An expedition of six animals journeys below, but the horror they find pales in comparison to what awaits them above.

Moth and Rust

The community struggles to prevent Mobane's mind games from destroying them from within.


As Arraborough's veil of mystery drops, the animals make choices and alliances that split Arraborough into factions and push tensions to the brink of war.

Innocence and Experience

From Earth to Foundation, the entire secret history of Arraborough is revealed.

The Evolutionary War

As all-out war wages among the Chromatics, the animals follow their fates to glory or dishonor, while others make the supreme sacrifice in the name of love.


Earth becomes the new battleground for power when the Chromatics return home, but they soon discover the compatriots they left behind have their own agenda.

The Chromatic Age

While Arraborough acts the vanguard for repelling the invasion from Earth, the war for faunal dominion of two worlds is settled once and for all.


Still rebuilding Arraborough from the devastation of the interplanetary war five years earlier, the survivors and their descendants brace for the impact of the looming Amethyst Event.